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A ruderal plant can grow from nothing but waste

This is what she does when I brush my teeth in the morning. You try to say no to it.

An Ode to M&M’s

And sometimes I’m just terrified
That maybe the world is more dull than I perceive it to be
My ultra-sensitive, unmedicated, totally APE SHIP
OOO EEEE pound on my primordial tits

Or maybe love doesn’t actually taste like anything

Maybe candles don’t flicker because something else besides air and blood decides to move in me


Or maybe my legs trembled around him not because I loved him but because I loved the space that wasn’t fucking empty anymore
Because emptiness is less sensatiable than


Maybe pain and pleasure really are just neurons and receptors and flashing little lightnings running under another little boring boxed in
Or cells, thousands of them

Where the touch of skin on skin is all the same if you just keep your fucking eyes shut

So tell me, please, is it just the hormonal fucking chemical imbalance of my brain because I’m a little whacked after a few days off the


That which makes strawberries and chocolate taste like heartache in summer
That which makes the same freezing sound of waves smell like the loss of my virginity

Don’t take me to the ocean, yo
It isn’t fucking pretty

Because it shouldn’t be normal for feelings to make you feel so completely isolated.
Because for some fucked up reason, God
Or maybe it was nature or some shit that really all means the same nothingness at the end of the fucking argument
Made this someone feel something that turned love into metaphor instead of simile or metonym or any other fucking form of figurative language that actually makes more sense
In some sensible way

How many lines should I group together again?

And if it was survival of the fittest, what’s with my existence?
Because I would like to shake the hand of Darwin and then shoot dead
Every motherfucking bird on that fucking island

Emminem, that kind of reminded me of him

Oh, Ms.Hill, oh saintly Pablo, oh you suicidal maniacs, Bob Dylan, Jesus Christ, Michelangelo


girls who think they are above other girls because they dont wear makeup or dresses or do feminine things make me want to poke my eyes out

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